Rey Dauphin

Rey is the Co-Owner of 7 Streamz Inc. and the Co-Author of a financial workbook, which educates the small business owner with obtaining financing to start or expand their businesses. 7 Streamz Inc. is an umbrella company for a plethora of businesses, which he and his wife both own.

Rey is a United States Veteran and has over 25 years of experience in educating his community in business ‘one neighborhood at a time’. Currently, Rey hosts a series of workshops and seminars all across the country, which educates and inspires others to increase their income and revenue streams.

Rey Dauphin has received awards and recognition in every field he teaches in. With recognition in the real estate industry, direct sales industry and the financial sector he is a true believer of multiple streams of income hence the name 7 Streamz.

Rey is a born again believer and has been married for over 21 years with three beautiful children.