About The Firms Owners

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Rey and Vernice Dauphin are multiple business owners with over 25 years experience in the Real Estate and Financial Sector. As entrepreneurs, they have successfully built two multi-million dollar companies in a few short years.

They are the founders of 7Streamz.com and the author of Corporate Credit Results. As educators and instructors, they teach both small business owners and entrepreneurs step by step instructions on how to properly set up a business credit profile by using an effective and affordable credit building system.

This system proved useful especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. During this time the government issued trillions of dollars to small business owners that were properly set up with the secretary of state and had business checking accounts. Dream Tax Service Inc. was able to tap into hundreds of thousands of dollars for their clients because they were already postioned to receive the funds. Those who were positioned had no issue gaining access to hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep their business afloat during those unprecendented times.

Our mission has never changed: We are committed to serving small business owners and entrepreneurs with obtaining the funding they need for their business without having to put their personal credit or personal assets at risk every time.

Rey Dauphin

Rey is the President of Dream Realty Inc. II, Dream Tax Service Inc. and Dream World Vacaions Inc. He is also the the Co-Author of the financial workbook titled Corporate Credit Result,  which educates the small business owner with obtaining financing to start or expand their businesses.

Rey is a United States Veteran and has over 25 years of experience in educating his community in business ‘one neighborhood at a time’. Currently, He also holds a degree in Psychology. Rey has hosted a series of workshops and seminars all across the country, which educates and inspires others to increase their income and revenue streams.

Rey and is wife Vernice are born again believers and have been married for over 29 years with three beautiful children.

Vernice Dauphin

Vernice Dauphin is the CEO of Dream Realty Inc. II. Dream Tax Service Inc. and Dream World Vacations Inc. With over 25 years experience in business she is now committing her time to branching out while recruiting, training and mentoring others along the way.

As a result of her experience in the world of business, she has received hundreds of awards and accolades from all over the country with recognition from the Georgia and Florida Real Estate Commission as well as a variety of major cities.

Vernice’s educational backgound consist of an MBA in Psychology. and just like her husband she is a Veteran with service in the United States Navy and a born again believer.